Web Color Notice

Depending on the device you're using, real life colors WILL vary slightly from what is displayed.


Where Is My Decal?

We carry most colors in stock. However, with the variety offered, there are times we need to order vinyl to complete your request.

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for order processing (although it's usually faster).

Once your order has been processed, we will create a shipping label and our system will send you an email with a tracking number you can use to track your package through USPS. USPS is usually pretty quick, but occasionally things happen. If you notice your package is in a certain stage for several days, you can submit a ticket to USPS using the "Where is my package" option here: . Once USPS has researched your parcel, they will contact you and let you know the status.

If you still have questions, contact us here anytime: /contact-us/


Returns Policy

All items on our site are made to order. Due to items being custom made per order, VinylRex does not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for any items which were made per the specifications ordered.



VinylRex uses USPS First Class shipping which includes a tracking number. If a package shows delivered via tracking, the decal is considered delivered by VinylRex.


Privacy Policy

Your first name, last name, city and state will be made available to club leaders for all decal orders placed that are for a club that requires their members to display a decal. This allows those leaders to quickly and easily verify who has met their membership requirements.